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Experienced Legal Counsel

Priya Bahl-Sen is an attorney with over 20 years of experience, litigating and advocating for her clients. Ms. Bahl-Sen is a graduate of UCLA and Santa Clara University School of Law. She has served as Orange County Deputy County Counsel representing the Public Guardian's office in Mental Health LPS Conservatorships and has also advocated on behalf of children, in Sacramento County, subjected to abuse and neglect.


Ms. Bahl-Sen also has extensive experience handling probate matters including complex contested estate litigation and appeals. Ms. Bahl-Sen's vast experiences provides her with a unique approach to law and she approaches each case with compassion and strives to achieve the best results

for you and your family.


Ms. Bahl-Sen has served on the Los Angeles Superior Court PVP Panel (Court Appointed Counsel) in Limited (Special Needs) Conservatorships.

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Ms. Bahl-Sen works in alliance with Hope4Families, a non-profit Special Education law firm, that provides legal services to families in need, at no cost. Hope4Families assists parents/guardians of special needs school children in advocating for services from their school districts. Hope4Families is committed to providing the highest quality legal advocacy to underserved communities that we proudly represent.

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